Having a Mediterranean climate means that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. The weather is never too cold, nor really too hot – because of a lovely ocean breeze. The flat and coastal areas of Puglia are hot and dry in summer, and not that rainy in winter. From March to May the temperature hovers at 20°C, while May through September it varies from 25°C to 38°C.

After a short, mild winter, spring bursts into life in the region. Fields carpeted with wild flowers lead the way to open air markets, bucolic back roads and charming villages. It is the season to enjoy blooming Almond trees, fresh sea urchins and raw seafood by the sea. For the culinary-inclined, have burrata mozzarella cheese made fresh in front of your eyes.

While your summer adventures can include the beaches, the Zoo Safari and various outdoor evening outings, the rest of the seasons can bring into focus the magnificent landscape, it’s colours and flavours. Different festivals throughout the year celebrate the produce and specialized crafts of the region.

The fall is spectacular in Puglia, where you experience the continuity of thousands or years for the grape and olive harvest. You are invited to taste and learn everything about the multiple varieties of olive oil and their uses. Autumn is also a perfect time to go wine tasting, and explore the entire process of grape-to-wine.

Although more quiet, winter offers a serene getaway, when you might often be the only visitor having a unique and more personal experience with the region and its inhabitants. Aside from the many historical sites and ruins to visit, it is also citrus season.