Our Harvest

Since the beginning of time, there has been a special bond between man and land, based on mutual respect and love. Only those who learn to love and converse with the land will reap its true harvest.

We are lucky at the Masseria, that throughout the generations of farmers, this secret language has been shared.

The cooking at the Masseria uses mostly what we reap from the harvest of our land. We serve our guests fresh and natural products every day. Each season offers its fruits, vegetables and unique delights of the region. We specialize in olives, almonds, tomatoes, turnip tops, peas, figs, and prickly pears, white and black grapes.

To include you in the traditions of the Masseria, we invite you to walk around the property and pick fruits and vegetables yourself to enjoy. You can also purchase our olive oil, wine and scrumptious home made fruit jams at our reception.
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