The Masseria

As the gates of the masseria, (fortified farm), close behind you, you are wrapped in the beauty of nature which beacons you forward to the entrance. Oleander bushes, bugainvillea and olive trees line your path to the reception. Bales of hay and an old well still full of water, are the first whispers of the activity which will be part of your life during your stay.

The masseria was refurbished and renovated not to stand out, but rather to be part of the nature around it. Some of the rooms are even original caves and dwellings of the first settlers in the area hundreds of years ago. Each room, corner and secret area has been redesigned or embellished to encompass the natural beauty which it already possesses.

As a living farm, we encourage you to walk around the property, pick fruits and tomatoes to eat at your leisure. Alternatively, if you are up early enough, you can catch some of us as we work in the fields or take care of the animals.

Welcome, be nature's guest.

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