We are located in Puglia, in southern Italy somewhere between magic and forgotten. The region is rich in history and culture, yet has remained remarkably untouched by mass tourism, and therefore retains a charm seldom found in these well-travelled parts of Europe.
Wedged by two seas in the heel of the Italian boot, Puglia is well known for its charming countryside. Miles of vineyards, golden fields of grain and millenary olive trees, some as old as 2000 years, make you forget everything that you came to forget.

The food, the architecture and the ruins of the area speak of a rich history of conquests and settlements in the area. Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Longobards, Arabs, Normans, Turks, the French and the Spanish, have all managed to leave their traces in the wines, sauces, and sometimes unusual fruits of the region.

Lending an even richer character to Puglia, are its typical dolmen and grottos, which have survived, many intact, through the ages.  The most intriguing of our heritage structures is the octagon of Castle del Monte. The bleached-white walls of Ostuni mesmerize, just as the Baroque architecture of Martina Franca and Lecce incite dreams well into hot the summer nights.

Known as the “wine cellar of Italy”, Puglia is one of the biggest wine producing regions of Italy, with nine “strade del vino”, routes that turn you into a sommelier yourself. Complemented by an explosion of culinary delights, your stay in the region can only be one that you will return to over and over again.

An endless array of crafts, the seaside always nearby, the biggest safari zoo in Europe in Fasano... Masseria Montenapoleone is the ideal luxury boutique hotel for you to forget that other world... the one you came from.